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Forest Park Elementary School


Career Day at Forest Park! Would you like to participate? CLICK HERE for details and form.

Dance, engineering, Photography, Robotics, Art, Yoga, Jewelry, Restaurant, Environment, Fashion, Oceanography, Music, Veterinarian  ………

              What do you do????

  Career Day at Forest Park !

    Friday, April 12  9:30-3:00

Do you have a hands-on career that you could share with our students?  We would love if you could join us for career day! If interested, please complete these questions and return form to school,

Att: Mrs. Reiss at Forest Park Elementary. We will get back to you in the coming weeks.   Thank You!



Occupation: ______________________________________________

What would you like to do for your presentation?  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is this a hands-on activity?________

What materials would be needed and what would be the cost?____________________________________________________

Would you like us to help with expenses?________________________

Do you have a grade level preference?__________________________

How much of the day can you spend the day with us?  ________________________________________________________

Since it’s reading week do you have a special Children’s book or story that relates to your career? _________________________________

**  If you stay for the day, sessions would run for approximately 30 minutes each as the grade levels come to you throughout the day with an hour break at lunch.***

Lunch will be provided from 12:00-1:00 pm.